Truth Vortex - Mike C - Luay Rafai - Shelby Jackson

Thought a word or few from Jimi would be appropriate,
due to the 1st Eddie S**t !

Man, I've had this song for a long time, dug it out and
decided to redo it.Got all the backing tracks done
and then went into my six months of hell period !
Than one fine day,my friend Luay Rafai wrote me
and asked if we could do something together. Luay
has always been one of my favorite guitarists in this forum
due to his immense talent with the guitar and his 
talent for writing songs !
So Mike C. from Indianapolis, IN and Luay from
Syria hooked up. I wrote Drums, Bass and Shelby "10
yr. old great niece played opening synth part" I played rhythm 
guitars and Luay cut all the solo's.
I would ask him to play sweep arpeggio's in 1 
section and some wha wha solo's in another and he did both
to my GREAT satisfaction and then comes up with all
these other great parts ! Luay, Brother I can never say
enough good things about your guitar playing and you 
as a human being !!!

Mike C.