10- Girlfriend - Jim Kirkhoff
Jim Kirkhoff – Girlfriend
Recorded on Korg D12
Drums Boss DR5
Electric Guitar 1983 Gibson Invader
Acoustic Guitar 1990 Mahogany Takamine EF349
Assistance by GNX2
Clean Guitar: Gibson and Peave T-60>Valvulator>GNX (Blackface/Boutique 4x12, Blues/Tweed 1x12, 30 warp)
The one on the right channel used a stompbox when “rocking out”. The one on the left channel used less effect and I think may have used a Peave T-60 instead of the Gibson.
Lead: Takamine>Valvulator>GNX (using Estimated patch)
Bass: Gibson>Valvulator>GNX (Bass_1 Patch with level turned way down)