13 - Funked Up - Mike C.
Funked Up is a song I started awhile back. I wrote it cause I
always had loved Jeff Beck's album "Blow By Blow" produced
by the Beatles George Martin. and a band called "Return To Forever"
with Al Dimeola on Les "Fire" Paul Guitar,Stanley Clark doinig things
on Bass Guitar that amazed me,Chick Corea on keyboards and Lenny
White,Billy Cobham and others on Drums ! "Greatest Technical band
I ever heard !!! "
This song was done totally different than any song I've ever
recorded. It was done totally in the cpu, except guitar parts.
I used samples from Cd's,the net and software synths in
Sonar 2.2. Guitar used was a 69 Strat.
a Godin GJN1 for some midi rhythm "Great guitar!!! Thanks Bill !"
Also used my Kawai midi keyboard to input the horns and play the
synth solo. Patch used was my "Clean Funk"
Gotta give a shout out to Jason E. for most of the Drum sounds 
"Let's keep it a secret for now LOL"
Man,it's been a long hard year and many of you helped me make it
through it "Thanks very much !" Hope ya'll enjoy the song ! :)

Mike C.