16 - Shiverings in the night
I used

Ibanez RG DX570 for Rhythms  & leads

Fender Stratocaster Texas Special for Rhythms  & lead overdoubs, fill-ins

Caraya active EQ 5 String bass for bass 

All tracks recorded dry with GNX3 recorder on a sm card then reamped. I customized all patches by tweaking during the reamping. So there is no exact patch name i can give but here are what were they originally based upon. 

  Amp Gain EQ Boost Cabin Stomp Stomp levels
Rhythm1 (Fender) Hi gain Around 90 Mid-high Vintage/ Brit 4x12 None Gain: Level:
Rhythm2 (Ibanez) Rectified Around 80 Bass Brit 4x12 Screamer Gain: 30 Level:50-60
Lead1 (Fender) Hi gain Around 85 Mid-high Vintage Screamer Gain:65 Level:50
Lead 2 (Ibanez) Hi gain Around 90 Bass Brit 4x12 Screamer Gain:50 Level:50
Fill-ins (Fender) Hi gain Around 85 Mid-high Vintage Screamer Gain:50 Level:50
Bass Direct     Jazz 1x15    

 All guitar tracks had compress (fast 1:2), chorus (sine), Delay (analog), Reverb (hall) effects on. Parameters were set to less then average accept Lead 2 whose parameters were set to higher. 

Bass had compression and a bit of flanger. 

All track files are converted to stereo-EQ filtered and normalized with soundforge 6.0 demo

Drums programed in cakewalk pro audio9 demo using a free drum soundfont -Drum Set Ultimate (4,103KB)-. 

Drum midi rerecorded into wave and all the tracts mixed in Cakewalk pro Audio 9. 

All instruments played/programmed by Taylan Benker “Eaglion”