09 - 1,4,S.R.V. - Mike C,
1,4,S.R.V. "One for Stevie Ray Vaughan"

I loved this guy for his playing and love of Jimi !
I saw him once and it was also the time I kicked
cocaine.He come out rapping about his drug problems 
and I swear I felt like he was talking to me ! 
"He did same rap throughout that tour" A few years later
I had the chance to see and meet him in Indianapolis,IN.
But my wife talked me outa the drive that night.
5 weeks later Stevie died in a helicopter crash !
I wrote this song a few days later,redid it a few weeks
ago.Patches are MRC Solo 1,Flange twirl,Stalker,MRC Bass and Sweet
Strat.Drums are Boss DR-550. Recorded on Tascam 8 track,moved
from 8 track - DAT - Cd - into My D.A.W.
Sonar 2.2 and Sound Forge 6, Wavelab 4 for mastering.
"It's really about Jimi and Stevie meeting in Heaven
the first day"

Hope you like the song!
Mike C.