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Here are the 240 professional wedding photos. You can view each picture full size by clicking it in the banner of thumbnails along the top. They aren't copied as good as they would look as a fresh print from Photography Associates so contact them if you would like a few quality copies for yourself.

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The photos below are NOT the professional photos taken by the real photographer, 
just some taken by the Groom, Family 
and Friends. Please excuse any flaws in 
the pictures that I took, as there are many, and if you don't see yourself I apologize as 
the pictures either didn't come out or I simply missed you in my attempt to scurry around and snap photos before my camera’s battery ran out on me!! I did have fun taking these photos and I hope you all had as much fun sharing our day as we had living it.
Groom, Husband & Webmaster, Michael David LaBelle

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Bride Lori-Ann LaBelle (photo courtesy maid of honor Corinna Sorvillo)

THECAKE.JPG (71727 bytes)

Bob & Lori Ricci (photo courtesy Bob & Lori Ricci) Bride & Groom Cut The Cake (photo courtesy Bob & Lori Ricci)
The Father Daughter Dance (photo courtesy Bob & Lori Ricci) The Bride & Groom with The Grooms Parents (photo courtesy Bob & Lori Ricci) Brass Attack's Kevin Johnson & John Sipple (photo courtesy Bob & Lori Ricci) The Bride & Groom's Last Dance (photo courtesy Bob & Lori Ricci) The LIVE Doves of Love (photo courtesy Bob & Lori Ricci)
The Grooms Parents - Lucille & Mike LaBelle (photo courtesy Bob & Lori Ricci) The Professional Photographer at Work (photo courtesy Bob & Lori Ricci) More Professional Photography being Photographed (photo courtesy Bob & Lori Ricci) The Whole Wedding Party - Sarah -Lindsay - Corinna - Lori-Ann - Michael - Michael & Michael (photo courtesy Bob & Lori Ricci) Both sete of Parents surround the Bride & Groom - Tom Petteruti in foreground (photo courtesy Bob & Lori Ricci)
Absolutely the coolest band EVER!!  Beats "Croak-Eeee" & DJ's by a LONG shot!!

Alex-Comella-Larry.JPG (69939 bytes)

Amanda01.JPG (52356 bytes) AnnMarie-Lori01.JPG (41520 bytes) Anthony-Sylvania01.JPG (56893 bytes) Bethany01.JPG (44802 bytes)
The providers of the Elegant & Edible wedding cake ... Mmmmmmmm!!! Bethany02.JPG (56118 bytes) Bethany-JoAnne01.JPG (45951 bytes) Billy-Vena01.JPG (61364 bytes) Bob-Lori01.JPG (82230 bytes) Camella01.JPG (43034 bytes)
The most Courteous, Friendly & Professional Limosine service that could ever be. Carole01.JPG (78996 bytes) Carole-Lucille01.JPG (56358 bytes) Carolyn01.JPG (57768 bytes) Carolyn-Paul01.JPG (51783 bytes) Cully-Kitty01.JPG (75568 bytes)
Played the Wedding March and provided some Cooool B3 Organ Jazz music. Deborah01.JPG (54135 bytes) Dennis-Linda01.JPG (71080 bytes) Diane (carolyn-paul).JPG (56869 bytes) Doryanne01.JPG (64461 bytes) Eric-Phillys.JPG (47795 bytes)
Providers of the Professional Photography at our wedding. GinaPhil01.JPG (61739 bytes) Gina-Phil02.JPG (43553 bytes) Helen01.JPG (55132 bytes) Hub-Jack-Nancy01.JPG (58380 bytes) Ian01.JPG (51621 bytes)
The Minister who said our vows with us and made us Man & Wife. Jack.JPG (55649 bytes) Jennifer01.JPG (49785 bytes) Jennifer-Jorge01.JPG (58182 bytes) Jo-Anne01.JPG (61146 bytes) Jo-Anne02.JPG (46110 bytes)
Providers of the Beautiful White Doves for our day Jo-Anne03.JPG (57616 bytes) Jo-Anne04.JPG (55901 bytes) Jo-Anne-Ben01.JPG (87399 bytes) JohnSippell01.JPG (42476 bytes) JohnSippell02.JPG (47175 bytes)
Providers of the Beautiful Bridal Gown, VERY nice people. Joseph-Donna01.JPG (64534 bytes) Kathy-Paul01.JPG (56466 bytes) Keith01.JPG (33135 bytes) KevinJohnson01.JPG (56163 bytes) KevinJohnson02.JPG (62139 bytes)
KevinJohnson03.JPG (52720 bytes) KevinJohnson04.JPG (58185 bytes) Kim-Roy01.JPG (42076 bytes) Larry-Pat01.JPG (47276 bytes) Laura01.JPG (49039 bytes)
Laura-01.JPG (51633 bytes) Lauri01.JPG (39972 bytes) Lenny01.JPG (53681 bytes) Lenny-Diane01.JPG (55760 bytes) LonnieGasperini01.JPG (52436 bytes)
LoriDad.jpg (266839 bytes) Lori-MikeDelSignore01.JPG (55826 bytes) Lori-MikeDelSignore02.JPG (43855 bytes) Lucille-Mike01.JPG (47082 bytes) Mary01.JPG (60682 bytes)
MaryM01.JPG (47885 bytes) MichaelDelSignore01.JPG (39478 bytes) Micky01.JPG (48152 bytes) Mike01.JPG (43921 bytes) Mike-Ben.JPG (56472 bytes)
Mike-Brenda01.JPG (61343 bytes) Mike-Brenda02.JPG (48987 bytes) MikeDelSignore01.JPG (44683 bytes) MVC-014F.JPG (47490 bytes) MVC-021F.JPG (57803 bytes)
MVC-023F.JPG (71650 bytes) Neal.JPG (68924 bytes) Neal02.JPG (50049 bytes) Neil.JPG (61517 bytes) Neil-Diane01.JPG (61321 bytes)
Pam-Jack01.JPG (44709 bytes) Pam-Jack02.JPG (56701 bytes) Paula-Hub01.JPG (47396 bytes) RobertHub01.JPG (31492 bytes) Roy01.JPG (55146 bytes)
Sara-Joseph01.JPG (55138 bytes) Sherri01.JPG (57122 bytes) SleepinBen.JPG (38764 bytes) SteveBadessa01.JPG (49197 bytes) Sue-Janice01.JPG (52269 bytes)
Vena01.JPG (67035 bytes) Tom-Kevin-Steve01.JPG (76762 bytes) TomPetteruti01.JPG (58952 bytes) TomRossi01.JPG (54722 bytes) TomHojnacki01.JPG (46855 bytes)
TomPetteruti02.JPG (53009 bytes) TomPetteruti03.JPG (44454 bytes)

Links to sites that made our wedding a success
Brass Attack - The Smokin' and Talented Band.
Elegant Edibles - The Beautiful and Delicious Cake. Mmmmmm!!
Limotrips - The Comfortable and Courteous Limousine Service.
Lonnie Gasperini - B3 Organ Wedding March and Jazz B3 Organ.
Photography Associates - The Professional Wedding Photos.
Reverend Donald Towne - Wedding Officiant & Ordained Minister.
(He has since moved to North Carolina!)
West Valley Inn - The Venue That Made it All Run Smoothly.
White Loft Doves - The Beautiful White Birds Of Love.
Wishing Well Bridal - Bridal Gown Experts make beauty even more beautiful.
Young Neal And The Vipers - The Groom's Band play all over New England.

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