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You will need to be present to claim your prizes!!

To be auctioned to the highest bidder:

16” Sabian 

Signed by Neil Peart and the rest of Rush!!!!
(Neil almost NEVER signs autographs ... 
except this one!)      (Neil Rocks!)
A priceless piece of history!

Neil Peart 
& Rush.

Some of the items that raffle tickets will be sold for: (We expect there will be even more stuff!!!)

One complete Gretsch Catalina jazz drum kit. 12in, 14in toms, 18in Kick 13in snare all in WMP w/ hardware! 
(maybe cymbals too if it works out)
From: Benefit Promoters
One Audix D6 kick drum microphone. Retail value about $350.00!! From: Cliff Castle @ Audix.
One Tama snare drum
(as of yet, unknown model #).
Signed by Joel Rosenblatt  
Spyro Gyra’s
From: Tama, Paul Specht, Gene Provencio & Joel Rosenblatt.
One 18x4-1/2 tunable open Bodhrán Celtic drum View it here Retail value $530.00!! From: Mance Grady from 
Ace Bodhráns
One Gretsch soprano 
snare drum.
Signed by Marc Schulman currently with Cher also toured with Foreigner,  Billy Idol, Simple Minds and many others! From: Kaman Music & Marc Schulman

Some of the items that your entrance ticket will make you eligible for: (We expect there will be even more stuff!!!)

Ø     Spyro Gyra’s latest release, with a head signed by the entire band.

Ø     Nigel Olsen ( Elton John ) signed pair of sticks used in concert, signed 8” x 11” promo picture, logo collector’s cap and tee shirt.

Ø     Zoro and Warner Bros. Publications – an awesome collection of VHS tapes, DVD’s, and educational books.

Ø     Hal Blaine Yeah, Hal Blaine!!- two signed CD’s (The Hall Blaine Story) “Hurray for Hollywood".

Ø     Bill Bruford - signed head with Earthworks CD.

Ø     Billy Ward drummer with notables such as - The Knack, Jimmy Webb, Carly Simon
Richard Marx
and KISS star Ace Frehley's Comet - four signed heads, each with his 
Modern Drummer acclaimed CD, “Two Hands Clapping”.

Ø     Kaman Music - awesome pair of wood-headed bongos.

Ø     Russ Miller - signed head, play along CD & book set called “Transitions,” a signed poster, pair of Russ Miller signature sticks, and the CD “Cymbalism.”

Ø     Buddy’s Buddies - CD “Live at Ronnie Scott’s” accompanied by a head signed by Steve Smith and the rest of the Buddy’s Buddies band.

Ø     Steve Smith - signed head with DVD set “ History of the U.S. Beat” voted best educational DVD of 2003 by Modern Drummer’s Readers’ poll. (3 sets).

Ø     Steve Smith - signed head, with the “Drummers Collective 25th Anniversary Celebration & Bass Day  live double DVD.

Ø     Renaissance Tattoo Studio - $100 gift certificate.

Ø     Joe Bergamini - two signed CD’s , two autographed promo shots, and “Modern Drummer Classic Tracks” book written by the artist.

Ø     Mel Bay - drumming books by Danny Gottlieb, instructional VHS tapes, book titled “ Complete Modern Drumset” with CD.

Ø     Hudson Music - large assortment of drum instructional DVD’s.

Ø     Bob Kasha at Big Bang Distributors - Protection Racket snare drum bag, one pair of Metrophones, one pair of Studio-Kans stereo head-phones, one pair of Ahead aluminum drumsticks (Joey Jordison model).

Ø     D’Addario Company - Assorted guitar items and Evans t-shirts to be signed by drummers at the benefit.

Ø     Grover Pro Percussion - Silver Fox Drumsticks.

Ø     West L.A. Music's drum manager Glenn Noyes - West L.A. Music drumsticks.

Ø     Basin Street Records - Promo DVD “Los Hombres Calientes  Live @ The House of Blues.”

Ø     Applebee's - Three (3) Gift Cards.  

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