Here are some pictures of a few charters,
just think of the fun YOU are missing!
Call or email to book YOUR charter TODAY!!


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What a BEAUTY!!
Lots of fun aboard the "Played For It" TODAY!!
3 For ME!!
Proud catch of the day!!
Here's a good size one!!
Lots of fishin' fun aboard the "Played For It"
What a BEAUTY!!
She's a BEAUTY!!
Take a look at THAT!!
A fun haul from the deck of the "Played For It"
A good catch aboard the "Played For It"!!
The Mighty Yamaha 150's
A beautiful day aboard the "Played For It"
Neal and Friend
The "Played For It"
Gettin' ready to launch the "Played For It"
The "Played For It" sits gleaming in the morning sun.
Captain Neal readies the "Played For It" for the days charter.
Early Morning on the "Played For It" with a cup of Starbucks Coffee
The Mighty Twin 150 HP Yamaha Powerplants
The "Played For It" interior, ALMOST big enough to jog laps around. The "Played For It" Interior, Big n' Roomy for comfortable fishing.
No it's not the Economy class @ Played For It Charters, It's just Captain Neal Row-Boatin' over to the "Played For It"
Row ...                          Row ...                          Row Your Boat

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