Peace Of Mind Pet Sitting - How it all began . . .

     Well, first of all, I want you to know that the fact that I ended up being a Pet Sitter at all is totally the fault of Neal Vitullo, guitar player extraordinaire and leader of Young Neal and The Vipers. Neal had the good fortune of getting Buckey, an awesome Yellow Lab that, being a puppy, was to young to leave alone while the band did shows all over New England. (they might be gone as long as 12 hours at a stretch)
(see pics of Buckey on Neal's sport fishing website) 
     As my husband is the drummer for The Vipers, and it was well known in the circles of the band that I have a love for all animals, Neal asked if I would be the official "Buckey Sitter". Of course I said "YES" immediately and so started my very first Pet Sitting job! Taking care of  Buckey was so much fun, and made Neal feel so at ease that Buckey was being taken care of when he was away, that it occurred to me that this would definitely be the best  way to earn a living. You get to take care of some awesome pets and at the same time give their owners Peace Of Mind!! 
     And so began the concept of Peace of Mind Pet Sitting!

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