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A nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing the chained dog, and bringing our 'best friend' back into the home and family.
Do you want to pay the insurance industry MORE money? A movement is underway by the insurance industry, supported by many politicians - to restrict dogs by breed, restrict dogs by weight or size (thus skirting the breed issue), or even to cancel or deny your homeowner's insurance. This is happening slowly, even quietly.
If your looking for guidance and a fresh approach to your dogs diet, you've come to the right place. 
Over 11,000 pet products available to purchase online. 
Cruelty free pet grooming products and yes, he is the same John Paul that founded Paul Mitchell for people! 
Pet's medications delivered right to your door. 
Designed for these Busy Times, THE SUPER FOOD all-natural Health Diets are Fast & Easy-To-Prepare & are perfectly balanced for Dogs, & Cats. 
The Natural Canine provides safe, non-toxic, no side-effects, herbal diet and homeopathic support kits for many common canine conditions. The basis of our kits is to work from the inside using diet and gentle herbs and homeopathy to promote optimal health and wellness for your dog. 
This is a great site to get information on holistic treatments and canine nutrition. 
A healthy dog food from a trusted company. 
These tasty foods combine the wholesomeness of a home made diet with the convenience of an easy-to-prepare, scientifically balanced blend. 
From non-toxic solutions that destroy odors to nutritional formulas that help your pets adapt to stress, Oxyfresh Pet products are recommended by professionals and pet lovers everywhere! They also have plenty of products for humans too!
Learn how to avoid dog bites and how to prevent your dog from biting.

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