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GenX CD Volume 4

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The CD cover design and artwork was done by lacobus's. Job well done! 

Trk Title Author/Group Notes Hi Fi
1. Truth Vortex Mike C - Luay Rafai - Shelby Jackson
2. Grief  Jason E
3. Long Goodbyes Jason E
4. Dulce Sabor  Tremens
5. Mi Prisonera Tremens
6. Death Of The Old Man Delenda Carthago
7. The Gautletx Gwar
8. My First Ride Tammam Hamza & Luay Rifai
9. 1,4,S.R.V. Mike C.
10. Girlfriend Jim Kirkhoff
11. Crazy World Luc Poulin
12. Welcome To My World mD
13. Funked Up Mike C
14. Glide Puppetking
15. Genie Eaglion
16. Shiverings Eaglion
17. Live It Out  Delenda Carthago
18. Soul Fly -  UKR Paul

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